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The Mammals of Zod

Daniel Carter

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Man of music, words and heart

Since the 1970's, Daniel Carter has been infiltrating and subverting every form of music operating on the grassroots level in New York City.  It is entirely possible that within another twenty years Daniel will know every musician in the tri-state area and have their phone number.   Not only is Daniel one of the most admired of musician's musicians, he is also a writer of Joycean prose and poetry which one can sample by logging into his web page (linked by clicking on his name, above) and asking to be included on his e-mail list.   Daniel has played a major part in transforming the isolated, competitive musicians of New York into the beginnings of a community.  With his many performing ensembles and his Writer's Militia, a citizen's think tank for social change, he is transcending his role as a "jazz musician" to become a social prophet.  Watch for his recordings with Other Dimensions in Music (featuring Rashid Bakr, William Parker, and Roy Campbell in addition to Daniel), Resonance (which also features Sabir Mateen), and Test which are either in stores or coming soon.

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Daniel Carter at the Sidewalk Cafe

Daniel Carter at the Mammals tape release gig.

Sidewalk Cafe, NYC. 1/3/99

(Yes I know it is not much of a picture but it is the best I have

been able to capture from the video so far)


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