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The Mammals of Zod

Citizen One

Citizen One

Notorious Ambient Outlaw

Big Bundle o' Talent

CitiZenOne:  He looks like a mountain, his heart is a fountain.  He's on tour across the United States so he may be looking over your shoulder even as you read this.

The Mammals of Zod met CitiZen two years ago.  Nothing has been the same since.  The electric birambaoist also plays sousaphone.  But most of all, CitiZen has the warmest, most exciting voice in a male singer since.... Waylon Jennings?  Nat King Cole?   Maybe even Ray Charles.

He sings.  He acts.  He plays guitar, harmonica, piano, and flute.  He seduces young women.   He writes.  He builds things.  And, every once in a while, he rips things apart.

CitiZenOne's debut solo album is on the Commercial Free Jazz label and can be ordered by clicking on his name, above, and following the instructions there.

Hear a song from the Citizen

Hear Citizen One and Gary Heidt playing  music

from the Museum of Sound Recording on WFMU radio.

Visit the peripatetic Citizen's new web outpost.

Where all the Latest CitiZania may be found

Citizen One and M at the Sidewalk Cafe.

Citizen One and M at the Sidewalk Cafe, NYC.

The Willamsburg Sessions

LoveSphere 97

To Citizen One as BigMouth

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