surya: hai (Mon 3:07am)

surya: hai (Mon 3:10am)

Kipper: [logged on] (Wed 9:47pm)

Kipper: can someone please LICK ME?? (Wed 9:48pm)

fucker: [logged on] (Thu 2:17pm)

Zoo: [logged on] (Thu 2:20pm)

Zoo: hello?? (Thu 2:21pm)

Zoo: shut the fuck up (Thu 2:21pm)

Zoo: wtf is up with that nigger talking lol (Thu 2:21pm)

fucker: [logged on] (Thu 2:48pm)

fucker: [logged on] (Thu 5:32pm)

jkl: [logged on] (Sun 1:49pm)

jkl: iuop (Sun 1:49pm)

jkl: oipoip (Sun 1:49pm)

yj: [logged on] (Mon 9:17pm)

jay: [logged on] (Tue 1:25am)

jay: aloha (Tue 1:25am)

jay: aloha (Tue 1:27am)

jay: whats up? (Tue 1:28am)

me: [logged on] (Tue 6:20pm)

b: [logged on] (Fri 1:13pm)

b: ? (Fri 1:13pm)

b: ? (Fri 1:13pm)

b: this wrong (Fri 1:13pm)

b: is (Fri 1:13pm)

b: why does it keep refreshing (Fri 1:14pm)

Ooo: [logged on] (Sat 11:20pm)

Ooo: Ooo! (Sat 11:20pm)

Ooo: Too fast fer me...I'm outta here. *waves* (Sat 11:21pm)

sultzad: [logged on] (Thu 3:18pm)

impishtrish: [logged on] (Sun 12:31am)

wannabe_punk_chick: [logged on] (Sat 8:34pm)

wannabe_punk_chick: hey guys (Sat 8:34pm)

wannabe_punk_chick: [logged on] (Sat 8:35pm)

There_big_thing_betwen_legs: [logged on] (Wed 5:46pm)

There_big_thing_betwen_legs: hello (Wed 5:46pm)

There_big_thing_betwen_legs: hey guys (Wed 5:47pm)

There_big_thing_betwen_legs: hello (Wed 5:47pm)

pectijenn: [logged on] (Wed 10:27pm)

pectijenn: hello (Wed 10:27pm)

fthdftgjghkhg: [logged on] (Sat 7:03pm)

fthdftgjghkhg: dfgdff (Sat 7:03pm)