That's "the other radio station".   Actually, I think it was one of 11 other radio stations, but this was the one that had the most listeners, though I'm not sure why.  This radio station always struck me as ironic:  It was sort of the voice of Burning Man, and yet it  was the most normal radio I'd ever heard.  It was college radio without the rawness, and NPR minus the intellect.  Often it wasn't even topical:  in the middle of one of the dust storms, when all of Black Rock City was in spectacular turmoil, I walked by their booth and listened to their DJ describing the last accordion song she played, and joking about how unprofessional she was.  Ugh.   But to be fair, I was usually too wrapped up in Wrybread Radio to listen to them.  Maybe they were good when I wasn't listening.

At Wrybread, we were right out among the chaotic elements of humanity and weather.  We didn't use the goofy conventions of scheduled DJs or DJ booths.  Whoever wanted to talk could do so whenever and whereever our 40 foot microphone cable would allow.

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