Justin on the Playa

         Justin here, this year known as Pussywillow of The Celestial  Garden Saloon.  Its amazing to be able to completely recreate  your identity for a week of your life time.  No other event, experience, place, is like this in the entire world.  Burning Man is so full of electra charged people and things to experience that one is constantly  in awe of the moment to moment visual and social stimulation going on around you.  The constant irony of interaction between everthing that happens here made me giggle and smile as I laid in my tent at night (when I managed to sleep) and thought of the rush of things that had happened during the day.

             This is my fourth year going to Burning Man and I have to say that the Burning of the man  this year was by far the most beautiful I have ever seen.  There were approximately 14 thousand people here this year and at one amazing point during the burn the entire crowd went absolutley silent.  I think that we all could not believe what we were seeing.   There is really nothing that could describe it to any extent of the actual visual experience but I personally will never forget  this years burn for the rest of my life. 

               Every year I learn something new about myself here.  This year I felt very strong and alive and so was completely comfortable with all that came my way.  I will make a list of my  personal things I  think about after and during Burning Man. 

      Helping out your nieghbors every day.
      Don't forget to play.
      Don't be afraid of anything.
      Don't be afraid to say yes.
      Don't be afraid  to say no.
      Don't  be afraid to say hello.
      Look up as well as down.
      Be a clown.

       And  so much more........................

       Until next year,  Remeber YOU ARE ALIVE NOW!!!