Colonel Cody on the Playa

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Colonel Cody Cabanna signing in here at Burning Man 1998.  What an arrival, one of the best of all of my three year's experience here.  Things do really change quickly, as the world speeds up.  Camp setup has been quite pleasurable this year, with many new faces, and lots of wonderful energy adding to our experience.  We are expecting our second load from Bay View [in SF] thanks to Anton the Bus Guru. 

It's got a great vibe so far.  The Cabana Kitchen will soon be in full swing, serving pizzas and adding to the unity that is essential for our expedition.   Each year CyberBuss seems to grow and double in size.  What is this trip really about???

The Colonel and team will be building a woodburning oven out of playa mud and other various material. 

Also adding to the experience of others, we as a team will be providing a playland for us freaks to freak out in and freak out on.  With only the best hospitality that camping has to offer.

Safety is always an issue here at Burning Man, with many things to injure ourselves and others, we have to pay special attention to our guidelines to obtain our 5-year permit.  With that in mind, we had a small tragedy with someone's camp going up in flames during our dinner hour.  There are no mistakes, there's always a lesson to be learned.  So with an open creative mind, we will be able to change the things that are important to us.   

And a safe journey to those who will be joining us later.

That's about it for one day.  It's been a great day.

-The Colonel