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Cricket found her place. Incidentally, Roby found Cricket with a cassette called "How to Care For Cricket", which had instructions from a much-too-enthusiastic child on how to operate the doll, and there's a bizarre computery tone in the background whenever she speaks. The theory is the tone once sent commands to the doll which made her mouth move.



Red said:

Where do I click to get a little Mp3 action on that Cricket Audio?


Johnny said:

The least you could do was fix the poor thing's eye. I'm sure she has feelings like everyone else.


Jordan "The Eye" Avon said:

You are quite right about the doll's mechanism. I own two of these dolls, and long ago sussed out a method to create my own custom voice tapes for them to speak robotic poetry while I play an RF theremin to accompany them.


danni said:

can i buy that head from you?
email me at danni@onet.co.uk




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