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Sambo working the ho.



gam said:

cyber ho-master


c y b e r sAM said:

i never realized how much fun operating big machinery could be.


CrasH said:

watch out for that hill sam...


Melba said:

Ya finally got ta operate da machine eh????


Red said:

Oh look, my limo for the ball has arrived.


spackle said:

40 acres and a backhoe, The American Dream.


Justin Credible said:

Men and machinery really turn me on! But what doesn't?


marvo said:

will there be ho rides at the party?


juicy said:

More importantly, will there be hos at the party?


karmahall said:

I said "hoe" earlier. I meant "ho."


fuggin bum said:

call me blunt, but will there be a party (or a blundt party?)on the farm where the ho's will be ridden?




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