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Dave Murphy and Cricket the Doll. That weird glare on the picture isn't lensflare, it's the aura of doom emenating from Dave as his accident approaches.



m said:

damn dave, if you knew where we found that weird lil thing i don't think you'd be holding her so close. eh.....


gam said:

guttersnipe love


woodyodin said:

chuckie's brother...quick run


fucker said:

what's going on down below?


CrasH said:

what a nice couple :-)


Mom said:

I told you not to have children.


Melba said:

Our fearless Dave is unknown of the trauma to become him. . .


Red said:

Which one is Dave?


marvo said:

crop photos for best effect


Tommyboy said:

He's winking!


Lulu said:

It's me or the doll next time you're in Santa Cruz.


june.george1@btinternet.com said:

what happened to little cricket she is lovley and we would love to buy her !




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