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CD Cover Art
(the text is a bit blurry in these virtual versions)


The unfolded CD booklet. A couple of notes: The craggy lines are the actual soundwaves from each song, all in the same scale so they show approximately how long and how intense each track is. The VW buss is taken from a circa 1950s VW ad, and was in honor of my then new Van Glorious.



The inside of the CD booklet. It's a bit hard to read through all the jpeg compression, so here's a transcription:


The Sounds:

In the Meantime:  my guitars, John Bagdasarian's voice
Haunted:  my finger picked lead guitar, JB's rhythm and voice
Closeness:  my lounge guitar, JB's croon
Is You Is:  my guitar, Elias Kahn's voice, Louis Jordan's song
Connection:  my guitar, Marianna Fuch's vocal, and two people's phone sex intercepted by my scanner
Statue Theme:  music for the play "Atomic Stoneage".  My drums, voice and tenor jaw harp, Mozart's aria clip
Brutotron Theme:  more Atomic music.  My jaw harp and bag of beans squeezing, Les Ballets Africains' Djembe
Pre-Show Theme:  more Atomic music.  My clarinet over a bed made by Sir Gametone
Didj-Ho:  my vacines, drums and guitar
Unfinished Groove:  my bell, voice, Gametone drum and GameZither
Seven:  Lieutenant Gespacho aka Matteo's rhythmic bed, my guitars
Yoga:  my guitar, Eric McCall's voice
Opus:  my guitar and clarinet
Serenity:  my guitar, Marianna's bass, Diana's voice
Brazilica:  my guitar, Marianna and Diana's duet

Everything recorded at Wrybread and/or Gametone Studios

Another Fine Wrybread Product
"Remember:  If it doesn't say wrybread, it's probably stale."

To contact me or anyone else on this album,
call (212) 352-HISS or visit wrybread.com

Covert art by Wrybread
The squiggy lines are the sound waves for each song
The picture is from a circa 1955 VW catalog

All music (except Is You Is) 1998 Wrybread Multimedia LLC
Please ask before reproducing any of this
Or better yet, buy a copy by calling the HISS line
(212-352-HISS) or by visiting wrybread.com

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The back of the CD.







Fire away:




verry verry interresttedd...
curious as hell 'bout Brutotron Theme...




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