Travelling Through Musical States Cover Art


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Fold-out cover:
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Liner Notes

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Liner notes (text version):

The Sounds:

In the Meantime:  my guitars, John Bagdasarian's voice
Haunted:  my finger picked lead guitar, JB's rhythm and voice
Closeness:  my lounge guitar, JB's croon
Is You Is:  my guitar, Elias Kahn's voice, Louis Jordan's song
Connection:  my guitar, Marianna Fuch's vocal, and two people's phone sex intercepted by my scanner
Statue Theme:  music for the play "Atomic Stoneage".  My drums, voice and tenor jaw harp, Mozart's aria clip
Brutotron Theme:  more Atomic music.  My jaw harp and bag of beans squeezing, Les Ballets Africains' Djembe
Pre-Show Theme:  more Atomic music.  My clarinet over a bed made by Sir Gametone
Didj-Ho:  my vacines, drums and guitar
Unfinished Groove:  my bell, voice, Gametone drum and GameZither
Seven:  Lieutenant Gespacho aka Matteo's rhythmic bed, my guitars
Yoga:  My guitar, Eric McCall's voice
Opus:  my guitar and clarinet
Serenity:  my guitar, Marianna's bass, Diana's voice
Brazilica:  my guitar, Marianna and Diana's duet

(me is Hugh Mann)

Everything recorded at Wrybread and/or Gametone Studios

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Covert art by Wrybread
The squiggy lines are the sound waves for each song
The picture is from a circa 1955 VW catalog

All music (except Is You Is) 1998 Wrybread Multimedia LLC
Please ask before reproducing any of this
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soundwave from song Haunted
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