We join Mr. Hugh Mann as he arrives in Bloomington IN after a quick, painless and very generous ride from New York given by his friend Payaso. He plans to pick up his still mythical VW Westfalia van, which he has thus far seen only on a web page, and drive it to California.

These are the emails he sent during his journey. They're in their pure form, minus a few passages that you wouldn't want to read anyway. It reads something like a journal, only with a modern twist: it's an email journal, zapped from all sorts of places to all sorts of people. It gets at the visual similarity between the words "modem" and "modern". Try to bear with the boring entries as they don't last long, and bear with the repetitions as they usually provide elaborations.

We join the story as Hugh Mann is confronting the first of many calamities that await.

-Norm D. Plume

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